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Roadmap for Recovery: Briefing to the Incoming Government

New Zealand faces its worst recession in nearly a century. Unfortunately, the economic response to the challenges of Covid-19 leaves much to be desired. Most new policy initiatives proposed in the run-up to the 2020 general election range from trivial at best to economic sabotage at worst. New Zealanders deserve better. Read more

The New Zealand Initiative
8 October, 2020
NZIJ0167 Education delusion report cover2

New Zealand’s Education Delusion: How bad ideas ruined a once world-leading school system

There is a rot at the core of schooling in New Zealand.The Ministry of Education follows unscientific advice and is in thrall to a flawed philosophy.Education is awash with debates and dichotomies. Should schooling be about knowledge or personal discovery? Should teachers provide motivation for learning or nurture it intrinsically? Should schools provide freedom now or preparation for freedom as an adult?For most teachers and parents, answers lie somewhere in the middle. As Education Minister Chris Hipkins said: Read more

Briar Lipson
7 October, 2020

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